Michael Kahn has lived multiple lives: from an upbringing in the suburbs of New York City, to college in upstate New York, to Israel where he worked in high tech and served in the Israeli army, and finally to northern California, where he currently works as an RN.

His music is tough, unapologetic, and authentic, from his analysis of school shootings (Looking In), to his plea for peace in the Middle East (Side By Side). He is an accomplished acoustic guitar player with a style that fuses rock, bluegrass, and folk.

His lyrics are reminiscent of Bob Dylan, while his hard-driving guitar playing brings Stephen Stills to mind. This is a rough-and-ready, uncut, uncompromising set of songs, to be appreciated by those who enjoy something original, authentic, and off the beaten track.

Email: info@michaelkahnmusic.com

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Michael Kahn